Who we are

Ervan Rutishauser, PhD




Since 2005, Ervan has been studying the ecology and functionning of various tropical forests around the world. He did his PhD on the dynamic of a natural forest in French Guiana (CIRAD), investigating the main processes driving the biomass/carbon balance over time.


He carried on his studies on the interaction of forest and carbon cycle in Indonesia (CIFOR), where he was in charge of sampling and quantifying the total carbon content along different land uses, going from unmanaged Dipterocarp forests to swidden cultures.


He is now involved in the developement of a pan-tropical permanent plots network to understand the effect of logging on forest functionning, carbon cycle and biodiversity.



Vincent Bonhomme, PhD


Associate (CV - website)


Vincent is an evolutionnary biologist with a strong background in tropical ecology, theoretical ecology and statistical modelling. He has notably authored two R packages: KappaV and Momocs.


After his PhD on the "Evolution, Development and Ecology of the carnivorous plants of the genus Nepenthes”, he joined the Department of Ecology at the French Institute of Pondicherry in India, as a postdoctoral fellow. He also founded Plume! and ShakePeers, two networks that aim to popularize science; and now works as a freelancer at Athéna.





Fabien Wagner, PhD


Associate (CV)


Fabien is a young tropical forest ecologist with strong skills in topical forest ecology, climate indices and data analysis.


His research interests mainly lay on the interactions between tropical forest dynamics and climate using a transdisciplinary framework. After his PhD on the response of French Guiana forests to climate variations, he led a work package for the ClimFor Project (funding FRB) as a postdoctoral fellow. He was in charge of setting up a network of meteorological stations associated to fine time scale forest dynamic measurements in 5 forest sites of French Guiana.


He is now developing new approaches to study the tropical tree growth integrating satellites and field measurements.

Jean-François Bastin, PhD


Associate (CV)


Jean-François (JF) has an extensive experience in Central African forests. His first research focus is on tropical forest carbon stocks, where he is linking wood science, forestry and remote sensing to understand carbon stocks variations throughout the tree, the forest and the region levels.


Since 2014, he joined an European project as CIRAD-IRD post-doctoral fellow, where he is investigating the resilience of Central African forest to current climate change. He is using a large database of forest logging concession inventories to understand how climate change will affect the composition and structure of Central African forests.




Open source


CARBOFOR-EXPERT goes Open... and has chosen to use Open Source softwares, such as Open Office, R and Quantum GIS.


CARBOFOR-EXPERT endeavors to provide and share source codes & publications whenever possible.



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