Seeing tropical forests through their large trees (present)

A pan-tropical comparison forest structures and above-ground biomass gathered by large trees. People willing to contribute with providing some data shall contact us at:

More information on study's scope and data needed.

Current data collection and co-authors list (January 2016) are found here



Towards sustainable tropical forests management: integrating carbon and commercial volume recoveries (present)

Carboforexpert will coordinate, on behalf of CIRAD and PEFC, a synthesis of existing allometric and volumetric models to estimate tree biomass and commercial volume in the Amazon basin. The aim is to determine management practicies that from the best compromise between volume and carbon recoveries in managed forests.

More information here


Tropical managed Forests Observatory, CIRAD (2013 - present)

- develop an international network of permanant sample plots in logged forests

- manage the database and perform the analyses

- publication for peer-reviewed journals

Project website



Community based carbon measurement, NORDECO (2012-2013)

- develop an efficient protocol to estimate the potential of local community to measure trees

- data analysis and validation

- publication in a peer-reviewed journal

Project website & related publication



- assisting WWF in sampling carbon stocks in Dipterocarp and peatswamp forests

- computing forest carbon stocks and potential carbon emission from deforestation

Project website


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